Motorcycle Racing Suit – 18

Motorcycle Racing Suit – 18


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These Jackets/Suits are available at a flat price with the following defects & Limitations

1. Jackets/Suits will not have any warranty in any case sole from this platform. All Jackets/Suits are sold here because they are rejected due to minor /major stitching defects.
2. No protection are installed on the Jackets/Suits, these are all without protection products, so they vary from the original product. They are put with inferior quality protection pads. Which is not used in mentioned markets. Hence we are allowed to export it out of mentioned regions.
3. Products can have minor to major scratches and scuff on the Jackets/Suits.
4. All products are the manufacturer’s rejected, some are put with new zips, some are returned from customer after a few use, some are redressed when lot went off the quality.They are good enough to use in day today life but they are not secure to protect you from the any street accident.
5. No replacements parts will be sold for these products, as they are discontinued by the respective manufacturer.
6. Many products are refurbished and used for store demos. You can not sell them as new, You are liable to inform the customer that these have such conditions.
7. Not all Jackets/Suits are available since they are not coming from the production lot. availability varies as per supply. So we can not guarantee that the ordered product will be available for sale every time of the year. Stock keeps changing.
8. All products are told be sold outside Europe, USA, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Australia.
9. It is to be sold in markets where no DOT standards are applied.
10. If a customer buys from these countries orders will be rejected, as we are legally bounded not to sell in these countries.
11. Most products qualify for free shipping in the listed nations. Delivery may take between 7-28 days to arrive at the destination.
12. The customer is liable to pay duties and taxes per their country customs office as per their tariff.
13. You may find the possibility of fined by your department of traffic for using a substandard riding products, over which we are not responsible in any case.
14. Product may or may not come with all necessary accessories with the package. There will be a box always, if not the company box then we may provide corrugated brown box.


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